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Amplitube 5 Presets used in Ascension

The guitar parts got a lot of love from the early listeners so I decided to provide my Amplitube 5 presets that I used to get the tone. These aren’t as crazy as some of the presets people are coming up with but I landed on these and will be sticking with them until I play around more and get something better.

Lead Guitar

  • 6 Band EQ
  • Noise Gate
  • Fender Compressor
  • ENGL Powerball
  • ENGL E 412 Standard
  • Digital Delay
  • Room Reverb

Rhythm Guitar

  • Noise Gate
  • ENGL Powerball
  • ENGL E 412 Standard
  • GraphicEQ
  • Stereo Enhancer
  • White 2A

Bass Guitar

  • Noise Gate
  • SVX Comp
  • SVX-410S
  • GraphicEQ

ggkurtis – Done for the Day

ggkurtis – Circular Path of the Sun Music Video

Theme of Your Conspiracy Released!

My second album is out now! This is an EP influenced by various genres of music and features some more experimental sounds. This EP was not designed with the intention of being used for video game background music and therefore follows a more traditional song structure than Not Quite 8Bit.

Not Quite 8bit Released!

I’m excited to announce that “Not Quite 8bit” is live! The album is entirely instrumental with the goal of capturing the spirit of music from old school games using updated sounds.

Where to listen/buy:

Google Play